Lone Worker

Safe and simple way to
protect your lone worker

Live Location Updates

Mobile Phone App with Panic Alarm

Web Applications, SMS & Call Alerts


Extra Body Worn Panic Button

Timed Welfare Sessions


Custom Web, iOS and Android Applications

Need software that fits your business? Through custom Web, iOS, and Android App. development, VIACAN can create a software that fits your business and its needs.

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Live & Periodic Positions

Your mobile workers can select ‘Private’ at any time, which hides their location. Should they press Panic at any time, privacy is removed and their location is shared on SMS; and updates the Web Application.

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Journey Reports

Live & Periodic Positions

In addition Journeys, either Walked or Driven can be recorded by your mobile workers, and played back via the Web Application.

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Live & Periodic Positions

For their safety, your mobile workers’ movements can be passively tracked at Administrator defined intervals.

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Welfare checks

Expired timers raise the call for help.

Your mobile workers can select ‘CHECK-IN’ and choose a time to begin counting down to their next welfare check. This ensures that if they fail to respond to the expired timer, the call for help will go out.

After the timer expires, they have 30s to confirm their safety by either cancelling or extending their time. If your mobile worker fails to respond, the App. goes into PANIC state.

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Inside the App. and optional Body Worn button

If your mobile worker needs to raise help, pressing either the (optional) body worn Panic Button, or selecting the Panic Button in the App. sends their location to their emergency contact via SMS; opens a voice call; and updates the Web Application.

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